After development for nearly a decade, SHACMAN has achieved a brilliant achievement, and won the honors of national automobile export enterprise credit Grade AAA credit enterprise, national truck export contribution award, Shaanxi foreign trade exceeding tens of billions of dollars "Golden Prize" enterprise and international famous brands of Shaanxi Province, import and export outstanding enterprise and other honors awarded by the state, industry association and the Shaanxi Province.

International Marketing
Network Construction

Products have been sold to more than 90 countries and regions with market network covering Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Russia, the Middle East, Central and South America and other regions.

3 overseas branch companies(Australia Kazakhstan Kenya)
23 overseas foreign offices+one project team
10 overseas assembly lines
272 marketing networks

Golden Power --- Weichai  Power

Weichai Power is the Largest powertrain group in China and the largest high speed & powered engine manufacturers in the world.
Tt takes more than one-third market share in china and the quantity of the world exceeds 3.5 million units. Technology leader in industry, with the only State Key Laboratory of internal combustion reliability, modern "state-level enterprise technology center“ and the first-class product experimental center in China, Weichai has established research and development centers around five countries and got 2489 patent licenses.
Shaanxi Automobile with Weichai: 6-13Ldisplacement; 180-550HP ; 650-2550 N ∙ M torque; Europe II – Europe V emissions.

Golden Power --- Cummins

Cummins is the largest independent engine manufacturer and the only engine industry with five key subsystems in the world.
Xi‘an Cummins company was formed by Shaanxi Automobile Group and American Cummins jointly in 2005, which is the only Cummins 11L heavy engine outside North America production base. The key assembly and core components are imported from the United States, besides, the Cummins global unified quality control System , production standards and manufacturing processes are implemented strictly.
Shaanxi Automobile with Cummins: low-speed high torque, 340-440HP power; 1710-2100N ∙ M torque; Europe II - Europe five emissions.

Golden Power --- Fast

Fast is the largest manufacturer and distributors of heavy-duty transmission in the world, whose annual output rank industry first in China for 14 years and years rank first in the world for eleven years. and the quantity of the world exceeds 500million units.
Fast is the only enterprise in the industry who has got ‘state-level technology center’ qualified enterprise research institutions and 426 core technology patents.
Shaanxi Automobile with Fast products can be equipped with 6 files / 8 files / 9 files / 10 files / 12 files / 16 files gearbox.

Golden Power --- Hande

Hande axles is the important heavy-duty axle production base in China, whose cumulative production is more than 3.3 million with first ranking export amount from China.
Hande axles was formed by Weichai Power and Shaanxi Automobile Group jointly in 2003 which owns advanced test center in the world approved by the National Laboratory Accreditation Committee. Its double & single reduction axles have unique technical advantages (lightweight, loading, strong twist ability)ranking a leading position in the industry .
Shaanxi automobile can be equiped with 5.5-9.5T front axle, 6.8-13 tons of single reduction drive axle and 10-16T double reduction axles with wheel deceleration.